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About mini mccall

Mini McCall create Joyful ActiveWear + Accessories for free-spirited children with twinning options for grown ups too. Our exclusive designs celebrate individuality, colour and creativity. You won't find these designs on these products anywhere else so accept no imitations and live without limitations, be seen!

We believe that our customers make considered choices and care for the planet. Please take the time to order the right size and choice; unlike other fashion retailers we don’t see over-ordering and quick returns as sustainable for the earth.

We seek opportunities to grow and achieve success sustainably. When orders are carefully created for each customer, less leftover inventory and unsalable returns ends up in landfills. It's our goal to make just-the-right-amount production the norm for a planet with finite resources and people with infinite creativity. 

Each item is made to your order in either Europe or the US and ships worldwide. By making all of our products to order we aim to create lean manufacturing, minimise waste and reduce our delivery miles. 




Mini McCall a registered trademark of Nice & McCall Limited, Kemp House, London, EC1V 2NX reg'd number 12115530